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Louisiana Woman Performs as "Elsbeth" Stunt Double

Apr 22, 2024 11:47AM ● By Kelsey Swire

Photo: Courtesy of Jaime Wallace Hardgrove - Pictured: (L-R) Jaime Wallace Hardgrove and Carrie Preston

An actress and stunt performer originally from Louisiana, Jaime Wallace Hardgrove, was on a recent episode of "Elsbeth" as Carrie Preston's stunt double. I also happen to know her from a past life when I explored the world of acting myself! I just HAD to reach out to her about the experience and share it with our CBS Lake Charles viewers.

"I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to perform as Carrie Preston's stunt double in Elsbeth and I am very appreciative of Kevin Rogers, the stunt coordinator, for bringing me onto this amazing show. Working on productions like these, with such a great cast and crew, make this job even more rewarding," said Hardgrove.

"The actors and crew are so kind, and it's such a fun set to be on! Oftentimes, you have jobs where you work hard and leave, and you may not have a much interaction with the actor you’re doubling. However, when the lead takes the time to say hello and is happy that you’re there, it makes you feel a part of the team and makes the job even more memorable."

"I'm also thrilled to be a part of a show that my mother truly enjoys! In the past, she would sometimes watch on mute and just fast forward to my scenes. A testament to how good this show really is! I'm looking forward to hopefully returning for more episodes in season 2."

Even though Hardgrove now lives in a different state, it was so fun to see a familiar face working on one of my favorite new shows!

In the episode, "Ball Girl," the world’s top tennis champion drops dead on the court and Elsbeth and Kaya hone in on a rising tennis star and his competitive father and coach, Blair Underwood. Meanwhile, Captain Wagner begins to suspect Elsbeth’s reason for being in New York goes beyond the consent decree. Watch new episodes of "Elsbeth" Thursdays at 9 PM on CBS Lake Charles.

"Elsbeth" is the #2 most-watched new series of the season, CBS has renewed the show for the 2024-2025 season. You can learn more about that here: CBS Renews Critically Acclaimed Hit "Elsbeth" for Second Season