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Local Audiologists Come Together to Give the Gift of Hearing

Aug 14, 2023 01:41PM ● By Ryan Wall

(Lake Charles, Louisiana) – “I can’t help people understand what it’s like for me,” says Angela, a
pre-school teacher fitted with a hearing aid who could not afford it otherwise. Angela has a
twin sister who also works at the pre-school and has hearing loss. Both sisters received new
hearing aids at a Hearing the Call event.

On Wednesday, September 6th and Thursday, September 7th from 9am to 3pm each day,
Hearing the Call Louisiana sponsored by The Hearing Center of Lake Charles will continue their
effort to battle hearing loss and help those in need.

1 in 8 people in the United States have hearing loss and some cannot afford proper hearing
healthcare. “Hearing loss can isolate people from their friends and family. We were able to
help so many people in our community last time and are thrilled to continue to do this,” says
Dr. Ram Nileshwar. Hearing the Call Louisiana not only wants to help to try to restore some
hearing but also help people realize their full potential.

People who are underserved and pre-qualified will receive the treatment they need. Hearing
the Call Louisiana doesn’t give a hand-out, but a hand-up. They believe in what is called the
“Circle of Giving.” In return for hearing healthcare and hearing aids, they ask patients to
volunteer hours back in their community with any organization in need. It could be their local
church, a soup kitchen or building homes.

“One of the great things to see is the “hearing smile” that moment when a person hears for the
first time or has their hearing partially restored. Every reaction is different but magical,” says
Dr. Jordan Strong.

The clinic will be held at The Hearing Center of Lake Charles at 1919A Southwood Drive, Lake
Charles. It is not a walk-in event, those interested in seeing if they qualify will have to reach out
to us so that we can provide them with applications to determine their candidacy at Hearing
the Call Louisiana at [email protected]. You can contact the office at (337) 474-3880 for more information on this event.