Fans need to transfer anger from players

by Jim Gazzolo
By Jim Gazzolo

When he was asked to redshirt a year he never left.

When there was a coaching change he never left.

When there was a second coaching change he never left.

When he wasn’t starting he never left.

When there was a third coaching change he never left.

When the team was banned from the playoffs for one season he never left.

When he earned his degree he never left.

When the fall season was cancelled he never left.

When hurricane Laura ripped apart his campus he never left.

When hurricane Delta came calling six weeks later he never left.

Through all that Trevor Begue never left the McNeese State football program. 

Now, after playing five seasons and doing everything that was ever asked of him, Begue wants to test the waters by jumping into the black hole that is the transfer portal. If anybody has ever earned the right to test the open market of college football it is Trevor Begue.

For all his effort, hard work and class Begue has gotten back from some, not all but some, McNeese fans harsh words. 

Nothing more explains the state of college sports more than that.

The few who have taken time to find fault with Begue are missing out on the big picture. Players are not like the rest of us, able to change opportunities when they can without notice. When they leave it can become big news.

Begue, a wide receiver who is racing up the career list for catches at McNeese, is moving on and not all are happy.

You can’t slap Begue down for leaving through the portal while greeting Isaiah Chambers with open arms for coming to McNeese the same way.

For the most part these are kids, deciding on their future while getting pressure from all sides. They will have to live with their decisions for a lot longer than any fan. 

To call somebody out after they have given so much to the program seems silly, senseless and maybe a little mean. 

There was nobody rushing to his side when Begue was standing on the sidelines waiting for his turn to play as coaches passed him by. Yet he stayed, worked, improved and finally made the most of his chances when they came. 

For that, he earned his degree as well as his chance to find out if there are greener pastures in his final year of eligibility. 

It would be nice if we all could just thank him for his efforts, remember his talents and wish him well in the future. Most have done just that. 

For the rest who take his leaving personally, for them I say it’s just a game.

The group of kids who took the field this year for McNeese proved to us all that winning really isn’t everything, that sometimes you can lift the spirits of a city or a fan base just by going 3-4.

What amazes me in the end is that a group of kids who came to town with lessons to learn ended up teaching us real lessons.

So thank you to all the Trevor Begues who could have gone back home and lived in comfort or moved on to another campus that wasn’t destroyed. Thank you all for staying and showing what loyalty really is. 

*Jim Gazzolo is a freelance journalist who covers McNeese sports for CBS Lake Charles.
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