Burnett Retires from Southland Conference

Commissioner says he's out after basketball season
Tom Burnett
By Jim Gazzolo

Longtime Southland Conference Commissioner Tom Burnett will be retiring from the job he’s held for almost 20 years at the end of this basketball season according to sources. 

Deputy Commissioner Chris Grant, who joined the Southland in June, will take over the day to day operations as acting commissioner immediately.  

Grant is expected to have full commissioner duties and is considered the likely candidate to replace Burnett upon his leaving sources said. That is important as the league continues to look for new schools to rebuild from recent departures.

Burnett is currently the head of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament committee, a job he will continue to do until the event’s conclusion in early April. At that time he will leave the Southland and Grant is expected to take over fully. 

Burnett is the seventh Commissioner in SLC history, taking over for Greg Sankey on December 23, 2002. 

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