Bravo Company LLC

Rebuilding SWLA one fence at a time

Bravo Company LLC is a veteran owned and operated company right here in SWLA.

Owners Benjamin Wild and Terry Wild want to stress that their company is here to build quality fences, and wants their customers to know they will take their time on each and every home they work. They believe that every homeowner should be informed every step of the way while a fence is being built. This is why Benjamin walks each customer through each step during the building process. This ensures that the end result is one that the customer will be happy with, and will enjoy for years to come.

Bravo Company warranties all of their work, and since they are local they will be able to come out either same day or the day after you call to check on any problems that may arise. We don’t see this type of customer service anymore since most companies are from out of town. Quality work and quality service is something Benjamin and Terry take pride in with their company.

Benjamin Wild is a retired United States Army Veteran, and runs his company with military values in mind. Honor, Integrity, and Respect are just a few of the values he took from the Army, and brought to his company. He and Terry started this company from the ground up and he worked countless jobs as a 1 man crew. Once they started gaining a good base of clients they then started to hire more loyal and respectable employees. They invested most of the money they earned back into their company so that they would never be in a bind when it came to materials and quality product. They now has a great crew, quality materials, and loyal customer base that continues to grow every day.

Bravo Company LLC is one of the good ones here in SWLA, and they are here to stay. They will be here through natural disasters, and will help every community member rebuild for years to come. Check out this amazing interview we did with Benjamin at a local community member’s home in Westlake.

If you want to reach out to Bravo Company LLC, you can do so by calling them at 337-488-8449 or by visiting their website at

Also check them out on Facebook!

From everyone here at CBS Lake Charles, thank you for everything you do Bravo Company LLC!

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