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Easy Ideas for Post-Holiday Organizing

Dec 26, 2023 12:32PM ● By Jessica Waldrop
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After the last present has been gifted and guests have said their farewells, it’s tempting to settle in for some rest to recuperate from the hectic pace of the holidays. However, if you take time to tidy up after all those good tidings, you can relax with a free conscience.

One especially daunting aspect of post-holiday cleanup is the wrapping supplies and decor. Consider these tips to stash your holiday goodies safely away until next year:

  • Take inventory of your wrapping supplies. Note how many boxes, bags and rolls of paper you have. Affix a note to the container where you store these items to give yourself an idea of what you’ll need so you can start stocking up early for anything you depleted this year.
  • Invest in a gift wrap storage container. They come in many shapes and sizes ranging from hard plastic bins that resemble trash cans to soft-sided bags with zippers and plenty of pockets inside. Look for a model that allows for storing the wrapping materials you favor, be it bags, bows or simply paper. After the holidays, many of these items are steeply discounted, providing an opportunity to stock up for next year.
  • For your decor, get organized by grouping similar items or collecting all the pieces for a single room. Packing things away with a system in mind can make bringing it all out next year easier and protect your treasured decorations. Remember to label your storage boxes so you know which box contains what next year.

Once you’re done, reward yourself with a cup of hot cocoa and curl up with a new book or movie while enjoying a relaxing end to the merriest of seasons. Find more tips for managing the holiday season at


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